Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a 3 year course that focuses on understanding electronics networks and devices, electric magnetic fields, computer fundamentals, telecommunications, and control systems.

Vision & Mission


Develop Electronics and Communication Engineering professionals competent to face the global challenges in a progressive environment conducive to learn technical knowledge, skills blended with ethics and values, to serve the society and to better it for a happy and comfortable living.


Mission 1: To provide a competitive learning environment, through a need based curriculum designed in collaboration with industry, conducive for high quality education emphasising on transfer of knowledge and skill development essential for the profession and the society as well.

Mission 2 : To nurture higher order leadership qualities and ethics and values in students to enable them to be leaders in their chosen professions while maintaining the highest level of ethics.

Mission 3 : To encourage the spirit of inquisition to promote innovation and entrepreneurship strengthened with life skills to sustain the stress.

Mission 4 : To foster effective interactions and networking with all the stake holders so as to work towards the growth and sustainability of the society and environment.

Duration3 YEARS
No. of Working Days PER SEMESTER90
Passed Out Students List
YEAR No. of Students
First Year
Subject Code 101
Subject Code 102
Engineering Mathematics- I
Subject Code 103
Engineering physics
Subject Code 104
Engineering Chemistry and Environmental studies
Subject Code 105
Electronic components and Power Supplies
Subject Code 106
Elements of Electrical Engineering
Subject Code 107
Engineering Drawing (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 108
Electrical Wiring and Electronic components Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 109
109-A Physics Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 109
109-B Chemistry Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 110
Computer Fundamentals Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 301
Engineering Mathematics- II
Subject Code 302
Electronic Circuits -I
Subject Code 303
Digital Electronics
Subject Code 304
Analog and Digital Communication Systems
Subject Code 305
Network Analysis
Subject Code 306
Electronic Measurement & consumer gadgets
Subject Code 307
Electronic Circuits -I Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 308
Digital Electronics Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 309
Analog and Digital Communication Systems Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 310
Measurement & Network Analysis Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 401
Engineering Mathematics- III
Subject Code 402
Electronic Circuits -II
Subject Code 403
Subject Code 404
Microwave & satelllite Communication Systems
Subject Code 405
Programming in C & MATLAB
Subject Code 406
Electronic Circuits -II Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 407
Microcontrollers Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 408
Communication Skills (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 409
C & MATLAB Practice Laboratory (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 410
Advanced Communications Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 501
Industrial Management & Smart Technologies
Subject Code 502
Microcontrollers And Applications
Subject Code 503
Optical & Mobile Communications
Subject Code 504
Industrial Electronics
Subject Code 505
Computer Hardware & Networking
Subject Code 506
Microcontrollers Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 507
Industrial Electronics Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 508
Life Skills (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 509
Computer Hardware & Networking Lab (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 510
Project Work (PRACTICALS)
Subject Code 000
Industial Training